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Under Floor Insulation for Park Homes

Don't put up with draughts and cold feet this winter. You can Virtually eliminate heat loss through your floor with our premium grade underfloor insulation. Our installers have years of experience and expertise and take great care in fitting premium quality underfloor insulation in Park Homes across the UK. And we never compromise with spray on cheap insulation products.

Without underfloor insulation installed your park home will lose heat because of the necessary free air flow underneath. After installation the insulation removes gaps where drafts can creep through and provides a layer of thermal resistance that allows you to enjoy warmer winters, and even turn down your thermostat and save money!

Bathrooms for Park Homes

Designing a new bathroom for a Park Home can be daunting, but you can rest assured that our experienced team will be with you every step of the way. From your FREE home survey and bathroom design service, to expertly installing your new bathroom suite that will maximise the space you have available and of course look fantastic. The perfect space for you to relax and unwind.

We supply easy open taps, easy clean and hard wearing surfaces as well as walk in baths, showers and wet rooms. We supply several ranges of bathroom that cater to all budgets and tastes, each boasting a full range of accessories, baths, showers, tiles, handles, sinks, taps and flooring assured to meet your exact requirements. We’ll even take away your old suite!

Flooring for Park Homes

When creating your ideal living space, flooring is one of the most important considerations of all. Not only will it help define the look and feel of the space but it also has to be hard wearing and practical. We offer a wide range of hard flooring options.

Choose from a range of styles, patterns and textures including real wood, solid wood, vinyl, laminate and tile effects. Our experts will visit your park Home and help you find exactly what you are looking for.

Roof Protection for Park Homes

Protect your roof from prolonged exposure to the elements and avoid leaks and make your park home roof look like new with our unique formula Your roof can lose up to 30% of a park homes heat and our formula increases the roofs insulation properties, minimises heat loss and can save money on energy bills. In addition the unique coating prevents moss and lichen growth which absorbs water that over time damaging the roof and the roofline causing leaks and damp.

Soffits, Fascias & Gutters for Park Homes

Protect and improve the appearance and drainage of your park home’s exterior with premium grade UPVC soffits, fascias and guttering. These are available in a choice of styles and colours. With our years of experience, our installers will recommend the best products for your park home. And take care of every detail.

Protect your park home from rot and damp caused by leaky gutters and poor fixings.

The Fascia is the board that meets the roof and carries the park home guttering. And the Soffit sits underneath this, between the fascia and the wall. The soffits may have ventilation added to prevent condensation in the roof.

Skirting for Park Homes

Enhance your park home’s exterior and provide an instant cosmetic lift with brick or wooden skirting. Quick to install, our park home skirting hides the unsightly view of your chassis and jacks and protects the underside of your home from the elements. Our skirts come with at least 2 access points to meet regulations and are installed using the finest quality materials.

Windows for Park Homes

We believe our products offer a better choice for you and your park home. Not only are our windows and doors energy A rated but we use specially designed odd-leg windows which are made uniquely for park homes and caravans. Choose from a variety of styles including bay, tilt and turn and casement.

As park homes don’t have a deep reveal around the window like a brick-built home, there is not sufficient depth to provide a tight seal when using the standard style of windows. Odd-leg windows on the other hand overlap the outer wall providing a perfect fit and a tight seal. This eliminates draughts and leaks.

  • Minimises noise
  • Excludes draughts
  • Reduces energy loss
  • Secures your home

Doors for Park Homes

Not only do our doors provide the perfect welcome home, but they keep your park home secure, reduce noise, and the anti draft system helps minimise draughts and heat loss. Easy to clean, our durable energy A rated UPVC and composite doors are custom made to measure perfectly and you can choose from a variety of colours and styles.

Our specialists will help you to find the perfect door in three easy steps: 1 choose your glass, 2 customise your finish (white/woodgrain/colour) and 3, add the finishing touches i.e. handle, knocker and letter box.

  • Minimises noise
  • Excludes draughts
  • Reduces energy loss
  • Secures your home

Cladding for Park Homes

Improve the appearance and value of your park home with premium grade, easy clean UPVC cladding. Choose from a wide variety of styles and colours to suit your park home’s style. Making use of years of experience, our professional installers ensure every detail is cared for, ensuring a quality fit and the longevity of your park home.

  • Easy clean
  • Long lasting
  • Protects your home

Chassis Maintenance for Park Homes

The chassis of your park home is the only part of your home that can’t be replaced. Therefore it is essential to regularly maintain your chassis, inspecting it for wear and tear or rust and ensuring it is well maintained, level and stable. When should I have my chassis checked?

We recommend you have your chassis check if your home is over 10 years old, you have undergone a major internal refurbishment that has altered the weight distribution, or if the floor feels bouncy, squeaky or not level. We typically find that when customers have Underfloor Insulation installed they opt to have a chassis service and refurbishment at the same time.

What’s included in a chassis refurbishment?

  • Removal of rust with wire brush
  • Thorough clean, service & inspection of jacks
  • Application of high quality zinc oxide paint
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